Default Media is a
National Film Awards
nominated, creative
production house.

The company was founded by creative producer, Robin McGlashan, with extensive experience conceiving, producing, and shooting a variety of films and music promos, creating a diverse slate of small to medium-budget film projects. We produce groundbreaking and creative, multi-platform video and film content that helps to tell stories, build brands, and connect with audiences, whilst constantly challenging stereotypes and expected industry operating rules. We attract cutting-edge talent, seeking an alternative development framework to realize their potential and retain their ‘artistic’ credibility. From creative, scripting, and storyboarding, to production and post-production, we have an in-house team and network of talented creatives to add quality, experience, and passion to everything we create. We make culturally dynamic films for visionary pioneers .Passionate about telling stories that are purposeful, socially aware and entertaining, communicating each message through powerful and engaging filmmaking.

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