Road To Recovery


Many films have dealt with the traffickers’ criminal activities and the devastation they bring to trafficked people and their families, but very little is known about how the victims who finally extricate themselves from these enslaved existences manage to put their lives back together again.

  • Cast Pauline Nakirya, Karlina Grace, Alma Eno, Catherine Hammond, Peri Olufunwa, Isasakha Diawara, Assly Zandry, Paul Roberts
  • Director Nic Penrake
  • Writer Nic Penrake
  • Producers Robin McGlashan, Nic Penrake
  • Cinematography Alessandro Ugo, Daniel Fazio
  • Sound Martina Carluccio, Declan Chew, Ben Turnbull, Kevin Thompson
  • Sound Mix Kevin Thompson
  • Editor Nic Penrake, Shiona Penrake
  • Colourist Holly Greig
  • Music Jim Meacock

Nic Penrake
Nic Penrake